Where To Find Us!

Howdy folks,

We have survived the heat and bugs of summer and are very excited that cool nights and crisp days seem here to stay.. As Grass Only! Grass-fed Beef farmers here at Bold Branch Beef, we are all very very very excited for Fall and to see the fields start growing like crazy again. While our cows roam through their pastures, munching all the new grass growth, we are sadly winding our 2017 Farmers’ Market season down. Raising beef is fun but getting to know the folks in our community is probably my favorite things about being a farmer and working the farmers’ markets in the area is the best possible way to meet other folks that value farming, local food, and grass fed beef. We’ve had a very good Farmers’ Market season raising and selling our Grass Fed and Finished beef to the fine folks of Lynchburg, Forest, Bedford and all of Central Virginia.

For the rest of 2017: We’ll be at the Forest Farmers’ Market through the end of October, then we’ll participate in the November and December Indoor Forest Farmers’ Markets. Depending on beef availability, we’d love to come sell at the Lynchburg Community Market for the Holiday Markets but we aren’t yet sure how much beef we’ll have to spare. We’ll let y’all know when we know!

This year we’re excited to sell Halves and Quarters. Bulk Beef orders has always been something we’re excited about but this year we’ve finally got a large enough herd to do it and do it right! Check out our Bulk Beef page for more information on our available Quarters and Halves.

See y’all soon,