Meet Your Farmers

Breck Light, Founder/Owner:  Breck was born and raised in Lynchburg and is a self-proclaimed “horse person at heart”. Breck received a B.S. from the University of South Carolina in Investment Finance, 2012, and received an M.B.A. from Lynchburg College in General Business Administration, 2013. Faced with a job in the financial service industry, he decided to run for the hills, found Bold Branch Beef LLC, and follow in the footsteps of his farming ancestors. He is, at the least, a 7th generation farmer. He loves to read, is working on a book, and would fly fish everyday of the year if he could. He dislikes basketball, snakes, and bulls that charge people on horseback. Breck lives with his dog Pawley in a small farmhouse on the property.

Breck at “the office”.
The Fam
The whole Light crew.

Laura Light, Sales Woman Extrodinaire/Farmers’ Market Vendor/Best Mom Ever!: Laura is a Librarian at Brookville Middle School, earned a B.A. from Lynchburg College, and two Masters Degrees from UVa and Longwood. She spends her time riding her horse and exercising. Its fair to say without her support, Bold Branch Beef wouldn’t be around. She let her grown son move into her house and run a business out of her basement.

Caroline Light, Sales person/Farmers’ Market Worker/Sister: Just 10 years old, Caroline is the youngest (and cutest) employee of Bold Branch Beef. She helps organize the freezer, goes on deliveries, and takes care of our pet cow Simon. Caroline loves riding horses and her dream is to compete in the Olympics and become a riding instructor. Even at such a young age, she has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic. She’s a rising 5th grader at New Covenant Schools and has a puppy named Annie.

Caroline cleaning up at her horse show.

Jack Light, Landowner/Farmer/Grandpa: Jack is a graduate of the University of South Carolina (Mechanical Engineering, ’51), served in the Navy during the Korean War, and worked at Babcock & Wilcox. Even at 86 years old, he still works on the farm. Without his generosity, Bold Branch Beef would never have started. He’s the President of the Evington Ruritan Club and is an active member of his church.

Robert Drewry, Self-Appointed CMO: Robert is a graduate of the University of Richmond (Leadership, ’12) and is a 2nd year Law Student at the University of Richmond School of Law. As Breck’s best friend since childhood, he offers pragmatic advice and asks pointed, deliberate questions concerning the business. He will make a great lawyer! Robert enjoys basketball, fishing, and alligator hunts.

Not sure what he was thinking…