“What do you give your cattle?”

-Our cattle eat exactly what cows are supposed to eat, grasses and legumes, all found in a pasture based grazing system. Smply put, we let cows do what they are naturally made to do, ruminate low sources of energy found naturally in plant life and turn it into a source of more than adequate nutrition. Our cattle free-roam in a rotational grazing program, have access to clean and fresh water, and are fed hay in the Winter months. The hay is harvested on the farm, from the same fields the cattle graze on in the Fall.

“Why do you not have a “Natural” or “Organic” certification?”

-There a few reasons we haven’t pursued this. For one thing, it is very expensive. Secondly, the terms “natural” and “organic” mean different things to different people. The USDA sets forth definitions for these terms but we find them to be full of loopholes. Instead of hiding behind some shadowy certification group, we invite you to give us a call to discuss how we raise our animals or come visit the farm. Lastly, most of these organizations ask local farmer’s to police one another’s operations. To us, this seems a bit like the fox overseeing the henhouse, and is a very definite conflict of interest.

“Is your beef frozen?”

-Yes. Our beef is dry aged for 2 weeks and then flash frozen in order to promote longevity and preserve freshness. I’ve had the beef before it was frozen and then I’ve had it after it had been frozen for 4 months. I couldn’t tell a difference. The beef is packaged in vacuumed sealed packs and labeled. This process helps stop freezer burn and keeps the beef tasting fresh. Trust us, we wouldn’t freeze it if we thought it had an adverse effect on taste.

“Do you deliver?”

-Since we don’t have a farm store, we deliver right to people’s homes in the Greater Lynchburg area. Outside of Lynchburg we don’t necessarily have a minimum order size per se but it has to make sense economically to drive that far. We are also more than willing to meet folks halfway or have them come out to the farm to pick-up the beef. Maybe if we sell lots of beef we can build a farm store in the future!

“Why don’t you sell quarters, halves, or an entire beef?”

​-Right now our quantity is very limited. Without boring you with talk of opportunity cost and economies of scale, we have had issues making it viable to sell in bulk. Hopefully we can fix this and start offering bulk orders soon. Sorry about that and thank you for your patience!

“Which method of payment do you prefer?”

​-We can take cash, check, or credit card. Whichever is easiest for you.

“Are you at a Farmer’s Market?”

​-For the 2014 Season we will be at the Forest Farmer’s Market every Saturday. It’s from 8-12 at the Forest Public Library right off 221. Swing by and say “hello”!