Fall Grazing!

Most folks love Fall for the cooler temperatures, changing leaves, and of course, football season but for pasture-based, grass-fed farmers like me, we love Fall because it means the grass starts growing again.

In this part of the country we have mostly cool season grasses. Your fescues and orchard grasses are by far the most common, mixed in with some clover of course. While these grasses are great and the cows certainly seem to like them, The problem is they don’t grow well once the temperature goes up. Oddly enough, cool season grass growth is tied more closely to temperature than it is to rainfall. Which means, these cool evenings followed by warm sunny days are perfect for growing grass. You can practically hear it growing out there. Simon and his buddies are having a field day, literally!

The only problem with all this crazy grass growth and cool weather is it makes the cows wild. Every year about this time they decide to take walks to visit the neighbors and go to pastures where they aren’t supposed to be. Free range is great but too much free ranging can be not so good!

All in all though, Fall is my favorite time of the year. As the grass grows, the cattle gorge themselves on it and turn beautiful green pasture into wonderful tasting, grass fed and finished beef!