The Week Ahead: May 2nd – 7th

We’ve got a very busy week ahead of us this week. May, and especially the first week of May, is always crazy because its the beginning of both the Farmers’ Market season and its just about time to cut hay.

This week is the first week of our full Farmers’ Market season. We’ll be working 5 different markets this week. I’m a bit worried we’ve bit off more than we can chew but we’ll make it happen!

May 3rd: Bedford Farmers’ Market, 3-6

May 4th: Lynchburg Community Market, 10-2

May 6th: Bedford Farmers’ Market, 7:30-1:30

May 7th: Forest Farmers’ Market, 8-12

May 7th: Bedford Farmers’ Market, 9-1

As always we’ll have all of our 100% Grass Fed Beef cuts available with us at each of the markets!

In addition to all these Farmers’ Markets, we are keeping very very busy on the farm. With the grass growing so fast right now, we aren’t hurting for grass to graze but we are strengthening fence to keep the cows from jumping ahead to the next paddock. Its tough running a Grass Fed, rotational grazing program but its especially tough when the cows aren;t cooperative! They tend to go where they want and do what they want, kind of like children!

Not only are we doing lots of fence work but we’re also getting all of our hay equipment serviced and prep-ed for hay season. It always seems like hay season is a long way away until one day you wake up and its go go go time. This year I think we’ll be a little more prepared for it but as always, all it takes is one thing breaking down to throw us off schedule. Its so important to cut hay at the optimal time because you’ve got to cut right when the hay is at peak protein and nutrition levels. We watch he weather reports like hawks and wait until they call for two clear days. Then I’ll cut one of our four hay fields that morning, spread it out to dry with the Tedder, let it rest until the next afternoon, then rake it into windrows as my dad comes through on another tractor and bails it up. Its quite the production what with 3 or 4 tractors running and all the weather checks going on.

Things are getting really really busy around here but we’ll see y’all at any of our 5 markets this first week of May.

Thank you for all your support. Without great folks that value our Grass Fed Beef, we’d never be able to do this!