It’s Hay Season!

After a crazy May filled with weeks and weeks of rain we’ve finally started cutting hay. It’s very late in the season but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. Yesterday I spent most of the day mowing and then I used the hay tedder to fluff up the hay so it would dry properly. If hay doesn’t cure just so, it can degrade the nutrients in the bale or even make the animal sick. Plus wet hay tends to rot and that’s never a good thing.

Mowing is stressful because you have to be so careful not to turn too sharply. Taking a turn tightly can shear the knuckle that causes the mower to crank. This time of year its impossible to get a mechanic to come out since they are all so busy. Which all boils down to some simple advice my dad always gives me before I head out into the hay field. Every year he says, “Don’t mess up but if you do, fix it before your grandpa finds out.” Wise words to live by around here!

After I finished mowing I hopped on our Massey Ferguson tractor and ran the tedder around the field. Today, after going to the Lynchburg Community Market all morning, the sun had done its job and dried out the hay. I hopped on the tractor and raked the hay into long even windrows while my dad baled the hay on his John Deere tractor.

Now we’ve got 25% of our baled and I’ll be out in the hay field mowing our largest field in the morning. Farming is a lot of work but riding around on a tractor, while the sun turns everything golden, sure is hard to beat!