Beef Bone Broth


Photo Courtsey of Bob B. aka @that_paleo_guy on Instagram

With this never ending rain and unseasonably cool air, there’s not much better than warming up with a warm mug of bone broth made from our 100% Grass Fed Beef bones. When making broth, it’s very important to source your beef bones from a great, local, and 100% All Natural Grass Only farm in order to get the most nutrients possible from your broth.

If you haven’t ever tried Beef Bones Broth Soup, we have lots of bones available and there are a plethora of websites online with tons of information about how to make this delicious and healthy treat. Not only does it warm you up but it helps fortify your immune system and is a great, nutritious, and filling food. I’ve got lots of customers who swear by it and say Beef Bones Broth soup made from Bold Branch Beef’s Grass Fed Beef bones are the major reason they rarely if ever get sick during the Winter.

Give Bone Broth Soup a try today!